Sustainability of local communities

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Materiality assessment process results
Scale: [0–10], where 0 "Not significant" and 10 "Very significant"

Boundaries of the Material Topic [GRI 102-46] [GRI 103-1b]

Where the impacts occur:

Mainly in the communities adjacent to the Company's industrial units and work sites, both in Greece and abroad.

By whom are the impacts caused:

Impacts are caused by the Business Units of MYTILINEOS, as well as by Voluntary & Non-Governmental Organizations and the municipalities, in the context of their cooperation with the Company for the implementation of its social policy.

The management of the topic by MYTILINEOS contributes to Sustainable Development:

  • Upgrading local infrastructures and paying particular attention to the needs of those who are in a vulnerable situation, such as women and children.
  • Strengthening the local and national economy and development.
  • The protection and preservation of the cultural and natural heritage.
Topic of increased significance to:
  • Local Communities
  • Employees
  • Suppliers
  • NGOs
  • Shareholders / Investors / Financial Analysts

in the context of their cooperation with MYTILINEOS.

Management Approach
[GRI 102-11] [GRI 103-2c]

The purpose of this disclosure is to provide MYTILINEOS’ Stakeholders with access to information regarding the development of the Company's social role and highlighting its responsible operation towards Society. The Company's objective is to familiarize itself with the needs and priorities of its local communities, so that its development efforts are as compatible as possible with the needs and priorities of its local communities and of the broader Greek society. [GRI 103-2b]

Key Challenges / Impacts
[GRI 103-1a] [GRI 102-15]

Social engagement reinforces the preventive approach policy adopted by MYTILINEOS, mitigating the unpredictable non-financial risks and contributing to the preservation of its "social license to operate" along with its good reputation. A key challenge for the Company is to ensure a sustainable future for its local communities, which hinges upon the dialogue with its Stakeholder groups and requires collective action, taking into account local issues as well as national priorities of Sustainable Development. Information exchange, consultation and negotiation are useful tools in fostering a participatory approach to the identification and implementation of MYTILINEOS’ social investments. This is a constantly evolving effort taking various forms, whose combination results in the Company’s commitment to respond, acknowledging its share of the relevant responsibility, to the diverse expectations of its local communities, contributing to the protection of the Natural environment, to the promotion of health and safety, to the efforts to combat poverty, to strengthening social inclusion and ensuring access to education, and to assist in the development of the professional skills of the young generation.

Major risks
[GRI 102-15]

The Company’s failure to promptly identify and manage the often changing social, economic and cultural characteristics of its local communities compromise the Company’s place as fully integrated member of these communities with shared interests. This may affect the preservation of the Company’s "social license to operate", and may possibly restrict its future growth.

Risk Management / Control Practices
[GRI 103-2a] [SASB EM-MM-210b.1]

  • The General Divisions each Business Unit of MYTILINEOS are responsible for managing relationships with the local communities where that Business Unit operates. The main objective is to identify any negative impacts from the Company’s business activity and to minimize them through its responsible business conduct and activity.
  • A Sustainability/ESG team has been established and is operating in each Business Unit. This team is managing the implementation of the Company’s social policy, the annual Stakeholder engagement process, the cooperation with local media and the organization of visits of members of the local community to the Company’s facilities, when this is requested.
  • The Company communicates with its local communities in a clear and transparent way, opting for an "open door" policy applying primarily in the areas where the Company's industrial plants are located.
  • The collaboration of MYTILINEOS with the wider society as well as with the local communities where it operates is ongoing, multi-dimensional and substantial. The initiatives taken by the Company are linked to the needs of each community and of the wider region, and are shaped through open dialogue with the local Stakeholders, by conducting surveys for the identification of material topics as well as opinion surveys, and by organizing annual thematic or general open consultations with representatives of the local communities for following up and discussing specific topics of local interest.

[GRI 103-2c]

Consistent implementation of the social dialogue and the social policy of MYTILINEOS through actions and initiatives that enhance its harmonious coexistence with its local communities and the wider society, as well as the protection of the rights of the citizens of the local communities adjacent to the Company's industrial units, in accordance with the main priority areas of the Company’s Human Rights Policy.

[GRI 103-2c-iii]

A standing goal of MYTILINEOS over time in connection with its social investments (initiatives and programs) is to give priority to projects that are sustainable in the long term and contribute both to the improvement of the social aspects of life in its local communities as well as to Sustainable Development in general.

Key elements of MYTILINEOS’ social policy [GRI 103-2c-i]

  • Strengthening local employment: As the core activities of MYTILINEOS are primarily located in the Greek regions, the Company acknowledges and accepts its share of the responsibility to contribute to the development and preservation of the prosperity of the local communities. In all the geographical regions where the Company’s operations are located, its human resources come in their majority from the local population.
  • Supporting local economic growth: All Business Units of the Company subscribe to the same principle of giving priority to the selection of local suppliers for the purchase of products and services, provided that these meet their specific needs and particular requirements. More information on this topic is available within the 3rd study on MYTILINEOS’ Socio-economic Impact in Greece, at the following address:
  • Making a substantial contribution through the annual Social Investment Program, under which social programs and initiatives are implemented: The Company aspires to help strengthen social cohesion, strategically seeking to maximize its mobilization by participating in selected actions in sectors directly connected to: (a) its culture and corporate values, (b) the impacts of its business activity, (c) the basic social needs that have emerged during the financial crisis and the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, and (d) the Sustainable Development Goals. More information is available at the following address:
  • Further enhancing the constructive relationship it has established with social bodies over the years, by applying an electronic system of managing and evaluating social requests, which reinforces transparency, ensures the sustainability of its social investments and offers opportunities for the development of new partnerships. In 2021, the Company created an Evaluation and Management Procedure for Social Requests, Corporate Social Programs and Initiatives, which describes in detail the individual stages of the process for the establishment of strategic goals, the preparation of the budget and the management of social demands, as well as of the initiatives taken by the Company. In addition, a new Requests and Complaints Management Procedure was created in the Metallurgy Business Unit, to improve the Company's communication with the local Stakeholder groups as well as to effectively manage all requests (queries, requests for cooperation, applications for sponsorships / donations, requests for information material, requests related to the planning of visits), comments, complaints etc. regarding ESG and Responsible Entrepreneurship issues. More information is available at the following address:
  • Specialized executives in each Business Unit manage the Company's relations with its local communities and, in collaboration with the Sustainable Development Division of MYTILINEOS, implement the annual stakeholder and local communities consultation process at local level, in order to record local needs and explore new partnership opportunities.

[GRI 103-3a-ii]

Stakeholder Engagement

For the last 12 years, MYTILINEOS has been consistently holding its established Open Social Dialogue events with its Stakeholder groups. The Company is one of Greece’s pioneers in this field, as this approach has created the conditions for defining new attitudes and practices in its relationships with the various social groups. In line with the above, in 2021 the Metallurgy Business Unit held the Company’s 7th consecutive thematic consultation with its Stakeholders, entitled: "Covid-19: Measures and actions for the effective management of the pandemic — Health Protection and Business Continuity". Relevant details are presented in the corresponding section of this Report.

Local employment and growth

Over the last 12 years, MYTILINEOS has created nearly 1,480 new jobs, taking also into account the Company's employment figures for 2021. Moreover, the Company, acknowledging its significant share aof the responsibility to generate income in its local communities, maintains recruitment from its local communities at a very high level, with more than 9 out 10 direct and indirect employees coming from the local population. The Company also supported the national and local supply chain by sourcing income-generating products, services, jobs (more than 1,900 indirect jobs in all Company activities during 2021), creating wages consumed in the market and in turn generating induced jobs, wages and taxes paid to the State.

Percentage of employees from local communities (direct & indirect employees)

Social Investments
[GRI 203-1] [GRI 413-1a-iv]

In 2021, the Company, continuing to implement its social policy, invested over €9.1 million in the implementation of actions in main social sectors that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). All social investments are made through benefits in kind (products and services) in cooperation with competent organizations. Most notable was its contribution to SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-Being), to which over 45% of the total amount invested was allocated, with a strong focus on addressing and mitigating the impacts of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. The amount invested in local infrastructure and services of general interest exceeded €4 million, as MYTILINEOS contributed significantly to the efforts of the Fire Service and the Civil Protection to extinguish the fires that the country faced to the maximum extent. Specifically, the Company strengthened the air fleet by granting the Greek State 4 top-quality BELL 214BI helicopters of the USA-based Erickson Inc. for 60 days, fully staffed with aircrew and support staff consisting of more than 20 pilots, engineers and translators, for extinguishing the fires in Western & Central Greece, the Peloponnese, the northeaster Aegean and of course in Attica. The helicopters completed 155 flight hours and made 986 water drops.

Social investments (€ millions)

Social benefits from the development of RES projects

The added value created by the Company’s business operation over time, through the development of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) projects by its Power & Gas Business Unit, refers not only to its contribution to the achievement of the national environmental goals but also to the significant associated benefits offered to the local communities. Thus, in 2021, the total investment in supporting infrastructure and services projects aimed at improving the lives of local residents in Municipalities where new RES projects are in operation or are to be developed, reached €550,000. Over the years, these investments have mainly involved the following: Asphalt paving and maintenance of main and rural roads, extension of water supply networks of settlements, supply and installation of LED street lighting, repair or construction of municipal buildings and facilities in cooperation with the municipalities concerned and according to their needs, as well as donations of vehicles and equipment necessary for the operation of municipal services and fire protection.

Analysis of Social Investments in 2021
Social Sectors Relevant Sustainable Development Goals % of total social investments

Local infrastructure & services

SDG 11


Access to health services



Support of culture/sports

SDG 11


Alleviation of poverty and unem-ployment



Reduction of food insecurity



Reinforcing quality education



Reduction of inequalities

SDG 10


Key Social Initiatives & Programs


"#HoMellon", in cooperation with the "Knowl" Social Entrepreneurship Network

Impact: MYTILINEOS implemented, for the 2nd consecutive year, a holistic and personalized 6-month training program based on the Mellon skills accelerator methodology, to support the Reintegration of Homeless people in the Labor Market. The program’s 25 beneficiaries attended an Intensive Professional Skills Program, receiving 1,337 hours of online and face-to-face training in 35 thematic areas thanks to the valuable assistance of 17 trainers, and were also provided with clothing and personal care, technological equipment and advice for connecting with the labor market. Currently, 15 beneficiaries are already employed, 4 have their own residence, while the remaining 10, empowered and motivated by the program, continue to improve their lives.


"DIATROFI", ("NUTRITION"), in cooperation with the PROLEPSIS Institute.

Impact: MYTILINEOS ensured the distribution of 18,509 healthy meals in total, for the 4th consecutive year, to 225 students of 7 schools in the Prefectures of Attica and Viotia, reducing the individual high food insecurity indexes while at the same time helping the students improve their dietary habits.


"Emergency Food Fund-for kids", in cooperation with the "Food Bank" Institution against Hunger and Food Waste

Impact: MYTILINEOS launched its cooperation with the "Food Bank" aiming to cover the needs of children with special needs living in orphanages and of children from large families in 25 organizations all around Attica. Specifically, the Company secured 61,338 glasses of milk and cereals for 3,784 children of which 149 live in 6 foundations and 1,448 are children with impairments and disabilities.


In 2021, MYTILINEOS continued to provide financial support to 305 families that have joined the "AROGI" (‘ASSISTANCE') foundation of the Holy Metropolis of Thebes & Levadia, facing serious financial and health problems. The Company supported their daily subsistence needs, offering 595 vouchers for purchases from a Retail Food Chain.


"Surgical operations reinforcement program for destitute children", in cooperation with "Coeurs pour Tous Hellas" organization

Impact: MYTILINEOS covered the costs of 3 urgently required cardiac surgeries for destitute and uninsured children, aged 7 months, 16 months & 11 years, with congenital or acquired heart disease. Specifically, the Company covered the costs of surgery, hospitalization (ICU & 10 day-stay in the hospital), medicines, medical examinations and special medical equipment.


"Upgrading of Emergency Departments in Hospitals and Pediatric Clinics in the country", in cooperation with the "Pediatric Trauma Care" Organization.

Impact: By offering the necessary medical equipment (38 medical devices), MYTILINEOS has helped upgrade 3 new Emergency Departments at: (1) the "Tzaneio" General Hospital of Piraeus, (2) the General Hospital — Health Center of Kymi-Evia, and (3) the General Hospital of Agrinio, which now treat 7,631 children on an annual basis. The Company also printed 2,231 custom-designed leaflets entitled "Beware when Choosing Toys", which were distributed during 92 presentations of the "Child Accident Prevention" program, providing information to 2,231 individuals (children, teachers and parents) about how to identify child accident risks and how to avoid them. Moreover, 24,100 leaflets of the Association were distributed in Kindergartens and Primary Schools with advice on how to prevent various accident categories ("Safety at School", "Safety at Home", "Safety in Sports", "Beware of Burns" and "Beware when Choosing Games"), while more than 42,000 leaflets were sent to the hospitals that have supported the Association throughout the duration of the program.


"Fulfilling the wishes of vulnerable children", in cooperation with the "Make a Wish" organization.

Impact: Research has shown that children whose wishes have been fulfilled can regain the physical and emotional strength they need to cope with a very serious illness. MYTILINEOS fulfilled the wishes of 2 children (10 and 12 year old) and made a commitment to support the implementation of wishes of 2 additional children during the first semester of 2022.


"Provision of medical equipment", in cooperation with the Association "PNOI — Friends of Intensive Child Therapy"

Impact: MYTILINEOS provided the Neonatology Clinic — Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the University General Hospital of Larissa with an SLE 6000 Neonatal volume, pressure and high frequency square waveform oscillation (HFO) Ventilator necessary for the hospitalization of more than 700 newborns who require mechanical support annually.


"The Tipping Point", in cooperation with the Organization "The Tipping Point"

Impact: The program was implemented in 30 schools around Greece, where by using technology mentoring, 2,624 students, assisted by 53 teachers, regardless of geographical area, economic and social status, were able to join a 30 minute online mentoring session in order to speak with successful professionals and obtain answers to questions about their future.


"S.T.E.M. Education — Educational Robotics", in collaboration with the Educational Robotics & Science Organization "WRO Hellas"

Impact: 35 packages with educational robotics equipment (LEGO Education Wedo2 packages) were offered to an equal number of Primary and Secondary schools, giving the opportunity to 1,131 students to develop their imagination as well as their technological and scientific skills. The equipment will remain with the schools permanently, to be used by as many students wishing to do so as possible.


"S.T.E.M. Education — Renewable Energy Sources", in collaboration with the Educational Robotics & Science Organization "WRO Hellas"

Impact: 10 "Gigo Light and Solar Energy" and "Gigo Wind Power" kits were offered to an equal number of Lower Secondary Schools in the regions of Aitoloakarnania, Evia and Serres, enabling 536 students to experiment as modern engineers with various applications of renewable energy sources, namely photovoltaics and wind turbines, with valuable assistance from their 32 teachers.


"Scholarships" and "School electronic equipment renewal"

Impact: Actively contributing to the modernization of schools with appropriate technological equipment, the Company strengthened 4 schools in Athens, Thessaloniki and Arta with computers and ink sets, giving the opportunity to 635 students to have access to quality education.

At the same time, MYTILINEOS secured 30 scholarships to students of its employees in the framework of its collaboration with the Athens University of Economics and Business for the implementation of the 12th "Yes Program" Summer School of Youth Entrepreneurship, while also offered 4 scholarships to the Scholarship Program of the Postgraduate Program of Studies in Energy "Strategy, Law & Economics", at the Department of International & European Studies of the University of Piraeus.



Impact: Implementation of the successful 12-month paid internship program "ENGINEERS IN ACTION". We created 48 new quality vocational training / traineeship / apprenticeship positions, giving the opportunity to young engineers to take the first step of their career by acquiring unique professional experiences, benefiting from in exciting opportunities. The 48 participants were allocated to the Company's Business Units as follows: 11 in the Metallurgy Business Unit, 4 in the Renewables & Storage Development (RSD) Business Unit, 5 in the Power & Gas Sector and 27 in the Sustainable Engineering Solutions (SES) Business Unit, while 1 person joined the MYTILINEOS Central Functions.


"Mellonabilities", in collaboration with the "Knowl" Social Entrepreneurship Network.

Impact: MYTILINEOS, aiming to provide personalized professional skills development to people with mobility, vision and hearing impairments, designed the "Mellonabilities" program, giving the opportunity to 25 beneficiaries to attend a training programme based on modern models and new technologies, achieving a balanced connection of their professional profile with their desired jobs. 12% of participants are already working, while the rest continue to be empowered and motivated to improve their lives. 1,418 hours of online training were offered in 24 thematic areas with the invaluable contribution of 21 trainers, while 16% of the trainees received professional certification of useful knowledge and skills they acquired.

Number of corporate social programs and initiatives
Number of citizen beneficiaries from corporate social programs / initiatives