Profile, activity sectors and Business Units


icon Inspired and motivated by our Greek heritage, we lead our business to global success. icon


icon To operate in challenging local and international markets, showing resourcefulness, efficiency and respect for the environment and for society. To rely on the potential of our people and to create value for our customers, our shareholders, our employees and the Greek economy. icon

Corporate Values
[GRI 102-16]

  • Effectiveness with Safety as a priority.

  • Ceaseless Effort for Competitiveness by our People.

  • Respect and important role for every Employee.

  • Two Success Factors: Teamwork and Excellence.

  • Continuous improvement by all to everything we do.


Founded in Greece in 1990, MYTILINEOS [GRI 102-1] has been listed on the Athens Exchange (ATHEX) since 1995 and is a leading international industrial and energy company, whose share is a constituent of the FTSE/Athex Large Cap Index. Its complex and wide-ranging business activity is a driving force for the Greek economy, while at the same time the Company has a dynamic presence in all 5 continents. As a responsible industrial company, MYTILINEOS seeks, through continuous reinvestment, to continuously develop and maximize business and economic synergies, to maintain leadership in each one of its Business Units and to apply the principles of Sustainable Development across the entire range of its core activities. At the end of 2021, the consolidated turnover of MYTILINEOS stood at nearly €2.6 billion. MYTILINEOS is active in the sectors of Metallurgy, Power & Gas, Sustainable Engineering Solutions (SES) and Renewables & Storage Development (RSD), with 4,823 direct and indirect employees and more than 10,000 suppliers (in Greece and abroad). [GRI 102-2] [GRI 102-6]

Metallurgy Business Unit

MYTILINEOS owns the only vertically integrated production and trading plant of alumina and aluminium in the European Union, offering high quality products mainly to enterprises producing products of rolling, processing/aluminium extrusion and aluminium metal production industries. The main categories of hydrated alumina customers are industrial companies active in the production of water treatment products, chemicals, aluminium fluoride, catalysts and combustion retardants. The Company’s international business activity is a driving force for the national economy as well as for the development of the Greek regional areas. ASI

Power & Gas Business Unit

The activity of MYTILINEOS extends from the production of electric power from the operation of thermal power generation plants and Renewable Energy Sources (RES) plants to the cross-border trade of electric power and natural gas, the aggregated representation of RES and HCHP producers on the electricity markets, and the supply of electricity and natural gas to the final consumer. It is the largest private electric power producer in Greece: with an energy portfolio of 1,200 MW thermal production capacity and over 200 MW Renewable Energy Sources capacity, it covered approximately 11% of total electricity demand in Greece for 2021. In the field of cross-border trade in electric power, the Company’s total volume of transactions for 2021 stood at 2.69 TWh. In the natural gas sector, it played a leading role in 2021, representing 22% of the country's total natural gas imports, while in the LNG import sector this percentage stood at 26%. Concerning the supply of electricity and natural gas to final consumers, at the end of 2021 Protergia was representing about 335,000 customers in total, while its share of the electricity supply market stood at 6.9%. At the end of 2021, the Company ranked as the second largest aggregator representing RES / HCHP producers in the electricity markets, with a total capacity of 444MW (accounting for nearly 300 individual power generation projects) of different technologies, including photovoltaic parks, wind farms, small hydropower / biogas plants and cogeneration (Combined Heat and Power) plants.

Sustainable Engineering Solutions (SES) Business Unit

The Company proceeded to transform its EPC & Integrated Projects Business Unit (METKA) into a new, modern and innovative Business Unit, the Sustainable Engineering Solutions Business Unit (SES BU). With an expanded business scope, the new Business Unit, in addition to the construction of thermal power plants and selected infrastructure projects it traditionally carries out, also focuses on the dynamic development of projects that promote the Energy Transition and Sustainability. In what for example regards waste-to-energy projects (Energy Recovery Facilities), MYTILINEOS identifies great growth prospects in the field of environmental solutions and is actively engaged in discussions about undertaking large-scale projects of this type. Moreover, the SES BU undertakes the most complex and demanding projects on behalf of clients and investors in the fields of: Development, construction and operation of power plants as well as construction of transmission networks and substations, public and private sector infrastructure projects, including concession and public-private partnership (PPP) projects, environmental management and liquid and solid waste treatment projects, development, construction and operation of energy efficiency projects, including projects implemented through Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs), development and construction of hybrid and off-grid projects, as well as sustainable development projects using new technologies, digitization and smart management of energy production systems, projects involving the design and construction of data storage and processing infrastructure (Data Centers), as well as development, construction and operation of projects related to the hydrogen economy, with a strong focus on the production of blue and green hydrogen.

Renewables & Storage Development (RSD) Business Unit

MYTILINEOS is strategically investing in the national and global goal of the energy transition. The Company, acknowledging that its subsidiary METKA EGN has already established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of photovoltaic and energy storage projects worldwide, proceeded to create a new Business Unit, the Renewables & Storage Development Business Unit (RSD BU). The new Business Unit has evolved into a strong growth pillar and is also unlocking inherent synergies for the Company. The RSD BU is a global manufacturer and EPC/O&M contractor for the full range of solar energy and storage projects, from autonomous solar parks and energy storage projects to complex hybrid projects. With strong technical capabilities and a global business scope, the Company designs and implements high quality projects for customers worldwide. The Business Unit’s broader strategy also includes the use of the Build-Own-Transfer ("BOT") business model for the development of photovoltaic projects, utilizing construction and development technology proprietary to MYTILINEOS. Mature and operational BOT projects represent 1,963 MW of installed capacity, while the projects of the Business Unit’s BOT portfolio in their early stages of development represent in total a power generation capacity of approximately 3.0 GW. The clients of the RSD BU are the global markets for the production and storage of solar energy, in particular Electric Power Production and Distribution Companies, Institutional Investors, Industries and Private Investors.

Key Figures (2021)
[GRI 102-7]

Production Plants

(Industrial: 10 — RES: 18 in full operation)


(Direct & Indirect)

€2,664 m.

Τof total revenues come from products
and services with environmental benefits
Includes only revenues from activities considered eligible under the European Taxonomy legislation for sustainable economic activities, on the additional condition that the said revenues do not concern own needs or intra-group sales.

€162 m.
Net Profits

€5,089.2 m.
Total Capitalization

(Equity 31.9% — Liabilities 68.1%)

721.4 kt
Sales of Metallurgical Products

(Alumina: 67.2% — Aluminium: 32.8%)

5,621 GWh
Electricity sold