Strategic priorities

The Company’s main goal is to grow continuously and responsibly and to maintain the leading position of all its Business Units in their respective activity sectors through steady reinvestment, securing at the same time its sustainability and stable returns for its shareholders.

Metallurgy Business Unit ASI

  • Continuous improvement in and commitment to Health & Safety at the workplace.
  • Ongoing productivity and performance improvement to keep the Company’s place within the first quadrant of the global cost curve.
  • Increase of the quantity of aluminium produced through the production of secondary aluminium.
  • Reduction of total CO2 (Scope 1 & 2) emissions by 65% and of specific production emissions per ton of aluminium by 75%, by 2030 (relative to 2019 emission levels).
  • Improvement of the environmental footprint through continuous investments, the development of relevant know-how and innovative solutions.
  • Ensuring the supply of raw materials.
  • Provision of best-in-class products and solutions to customers, over and above the mere supply of goods.
  • Exploiting opportunities for expansion of the Metallurgy Business Unit to new areas of activity.
  • Reinforcing vertical integration or expansion, to strengthen the Metallurgy Business Unit.
  • Increasing competitiveness through strategic investments and risk-hedging methods.

Power & Gas Business Unit

  • Largest vertically integrated private electric power and gas company (utility) in Greece.
  • Top-notch private supplier in the electric power retail market with a growing presence also in the retail gas market, focusing on further expanding its market share and holding also a significant share of the wholesale natural gas market, thus securing competitive energy production costs.
  • Strong presence in the RES sector, with further implementation of a significant portfolio of RES projects that substantially contribute to the effort of the Greek electric power generation sector to double its installed RES-based capacity, and gradual development of business activities in electric power storage projects.
  • Operation of a new 826 MW combined cycle gas-fired power plant (CCGT), to further consolidate the Company’s position as the leading independent electric power producer in Greece.
  • Reduction of specific carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per MWh of electric power production by nearly 50% by 2030 (relative to 2019 emission levels).
  • Maintaining its leading position in gas imports, with a strong presence also in cross-border gas trade.
  • Expansion to the energy market of neighboring countries.

Renewables & Storage Development (RSD)Business Unit

  • Leadership in the implementation of EPC contracts for Photovoltaic and Energy Storage projects, with a strong international presence.
  • Investments in RES projects that are an important parameter for achieving the goals of decarbonization of economies worldwide.
  • Achievement of net zero footprint of activities by 2030, by undertaking concrete initiatives and actions.
  • Further implementation of energy storage projects, an important factor towards the increasing development of RES-based energy production.
  • Adoption of a comprehensive approach to the development and implementation of projects falling within the scope of the Renewables & Storage Development (RSD) Business Unit, and decision-making regarding the implementation of a new combined investment model.
  • Continuous exploitation of new opportunities emerging as a result of the rise in competitiveness.
  • Strengthening relationships and strategic partnerships with major investors in the sector.

Sustainable Engineering Solutions (SES) Business Unit

  • Dynamic penetration in Sustainable Engineering Solutions projects in the sectors of circular economy, hybrid, off-grid and innovative energy projects (e.g., hydrogen projects), in Greece and abroad.
  • Entry and dynamic presence in the market for energy recovery projects from domestic and industrial waste, in collaboration with specialized technology providers, as well as in industrial and other wastewater treatment projects using pioneering technology proprietary to MYTILINEOS.
  • Achievement of net zero footprint of the Business Unit’s activities by 2030, by undertaking concrete initiatives and actions.
  • Maintaining and strengthening our position in the Greek and international market for gas-driven energy production projects and gas transmission and distribution (T&D) projects.
  • Further development of our presence in high added value infrastructure projects, including PPPs and Concessions, focusing as a priority on the Greek market and on selected developing countries.
  • Continuous exploration and implementation of synergies with the other MYTILINEOS Business Units and with international partners in new technologies and strategies.
  • Balanced geographical expansion to new markets with significant growth prospects, and strengthening of our presence in countries where we operate today.
  • Exploiting energy saving opportunities by developing solutions for a wide range of activities and customers.
  • Exploring and exploiting opportunities arising from the digitization of energy services in existing and new activities.

In parallel, the Company’s dynamic business growth is inextricably linked to the principles of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development. MYTILINEOS is actively involved in domestic and international initiatives and organizations working to address the challenges of Sustainable Development. [GRI 102-12] [GRI 102-13]


Since 2008, MYTILINEOS has been consistently declaring its commitment to upholding the ten principles of the Global Compact, by disclosing its performance on an annual basis.


Since 2019, MYTILINEOS is participating in the International Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) as a Production & Manufacturing member.


As a founding member of the Council on Sustainable Development established by the Greek Federation of Enterprises (SEV), MYTILINEOS is fully committed to the relevant Code of Principles and is actively participating in the Council’s initiatives for the promotion and dissemination of the Sustainable Development principles.


MYTILINEOS has been supporting since 2016 the achievement of the Global Sustainable Development Goals (2030 Agenda), contributing to the respective national priorities.


As of 2012, MYTILINEOS has taken account of the Principles of the Corporate Social Responsibility international standard in its operation, and is disclosing information on its progress and performance on an annual basis.


MYTILINEOS has been an ambassador of the Greek Sustainability Code since 2015, having actively participated in its development, either by tabling views and initiatives, through the open consultation held in the context of dialogue or by participating in the relevant working groups.


Since 2006, MYTILINEOS is an official member of CSR Hellas, the Hellenic Network for Corporate Social Responsibility, taking active part in and supporting the Network’s various activities for the promotion and dissemination of the Corporate Social Responsibility principles and practices.


Since 2010, MYTILINEOS has been a member of the "Hellenic Association of Independent Power Producers", an initiative whose key objective is to promote and manage issues related to the generation and distribution of reliable, cost-effective and environment-friendly electric power and to deregulate the market for all energy raw materials.


Since 2016, MYTILINEOS has been voluntarily participating in the CDP Water Security global sustainable development initiative and, since 2021, is also participating in the CDP’s Climate Change Index, disclosing extensive quantitative and qualitative data regarding the management of water resources and its response to the impacts of climate change in the context of its business activity.


Ecovadis is the world's leading supplier rating agency for responsible entrepreneurship. By participating in the Ecovadis evaluation platform, MYTILINEOS responds to its customers' request by giving them access to its relevant reports and performance, which they can use as a purchasing criterion.


Through SEV, MYTILINEOS takes part in the Business Europe initiative, whose aim is to promote development and competitiveness at European level and to support European companies on the issues that affect their performance the most.


2021 was again a great year for the Company, which garnered major awards and distinctions.

  • Inclusion of MYTILINEOS in "The Most Sustainable Companies in Greece 2022″.
  • At the 19th edition of the "MONEY Business Awards 2021″, MYTILINEOS won the 1st Prize in the in the category "Corporate Governance — 2021″.

Hellenic Responsible Business Awards 2021

  • GOLD Award for the implementation of the program "Information and awareness raising of the school community on forest fire prevention and response, forest protection policies and practices", which seeks to provide students and educators of Primary and Secondary schools with up-to-date information about the prevention of forest fires and to help them understand the value of the forest through sowing of tree-seeds / tree-planting activities in areas affected by fires.
  • GOLD Award for the Company’s support of "The Tipping Point" initiative of The Tipping Point organization.
  • GOLD Award for the implementation of the Suppliers Training Program "Business Responsibility for Sustainable Development", carried out by MYTILINEOS in cooperation with the CSR Hellas network.

Bravo Sustainability Dialogues & Awards 2021

  • Distinction in the BRAVO Society pillar for the implementation of the program "Creation & Upgrading of Emergency Departments", in collaboration with the organization "Pediatric Trauma Care".
  • Distinction in the BRAVO In Action pillar for the implementation of the program "We offer smiles to Children", in cooperation with the organization "Mission ANTHROPOS".
  • Distinction for MYTILINEOS’ participation in the Bravo Dialogue 2021, in the session "Public-Private Partnership in support of the Public Health System", for the initiative "MYTILINEOS' response to the COVID-19 pandemic".
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Energy Mastering Awards 2021

  • GOLD Award in the "Energy Engagement" category, for the submission "Protergia’s shaping of users’ energy-efficient behavior".
  • SILVER Award in the "Reduction / Minimization Emissions" category, for the submission "Protergia Charge Business Complete".
  • SILVER Award in the "Energy Transition Leadership" category, for the submission "Protergia's shaping of energy communities".
  • BRONZE Award in the "Smart Building Technologies" category, for the submission "Protergia Charge Home Complete".
  • BRONZE Award in the "Energy Efficiency in Mobility" category, for the submission "Protergia Charge City — ‘Adopt the City’ Project".
  • MYTILINEOS’ CCGT project for the Company’s Power Plant in Ag. Nikolaos, Viotia, was named Project of the Year 2021.

HR Awards 2021

  • BRONZE Award in the "Excellence in Performance Management Strategy / Initiative" category, for the submission "Performance Management: It's About You, Not The Process".